Devon Perry

Devon Perry

Devon Perry

Executive Director of Visit South Jersey

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Devon Perry joined Visit South Jersey as marketing director in 2015.  In this role, she closely shadowed the executive director, and when the opportunity presented itself, she was well acquainted with the position and truly the best choice to lead Visit South Jersey into the future.

Devon has  an  unstoppable  passion  for  entrepreneurship,  social  enterprise  development,  fine  art,  and  positioning.  While  skilled  at  crisis  management,  Devon  also  is  exceptional  at  telling  beautiful  stories  to  public  and  private  stakeholders,  engaging  customers,  and  improving  community  affinity.  Devon  has created  several  non-profits  and  for-profits  with  strategic  partners  across  industries.  

Devon’s background in nonprofit marketing speaks to her interest and expertise; she’s managed marketing efforts on staff at both The United Way and The American Red Cross.  Her decade of experience includes many startups, including the thriving co-working space Kings Hall in Haddonfield, NJ.  Devon holds an MBA from Drexel University, grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and currently resides in Haddonfield, NJ.  She is currently the artist in residence at the Historic Hopkins House along the Cooper River in Haddon, NJ.

Devon  is  committed  to  “service  above  self”  as  seen  in  her  involvement  in  multiple  organizations:  Rotary  of Haddonfield,  Board  of  Governors  of  the  Haddonfield  Civic  Association,  Young  Friends  Council  of  the  Ronald  McDonald  House  of  South  Jersey,  Charity  Chair  of  South  Jersey  Mothers  of Multiples and member of the Board of Trustees of Visit South Jersey.

Other  notable  efforts  include:  Drexel  Women  in  Business  (cofounder),  ShareURmeal  (Founder), (founder/CEO), Women’s  MBA  Network  (Founder). Board member for NJ Tourism Industry Association (NJTIA) and in the Destination Management Association International’s Leadership program, training C-level executives around the globe.